Alex Shortsleeve

He hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like.

He Likes She doesn't.
Alex and Toni Shortsleeve

Toni Shortsleeve

She’s a little more choosy about her food.

She Likes He likes that too!

The Foodie and the Geek came together to create the perfect marriage of Online Food Brokerage, Alliance Partnerships and an increasing Circle of Friends to share recipes and great ideas with.

Groceries are shipped straight to the consumer. Recipes and reviews are shared by those consumers. 

We choose all our Alliance Partners for their great service, wonderful story and fabulous products. 

Chef Alex in the Kitchen

When they first came together (about 25 years ago), he was a gourmet food broker with a marketing diploma and she was an office assistant. Together, they created a successful event and entertainment company using local performers (Mystical, Magical & Musical) and Alliance Partners (venue providers, caterers and Chocolate Fountain vendors). This was great until the Dot.Com crash.

They moved to Honolulu where he studied Hospitality at UH and she was a Virtual Assistant for a local publisher. Then he went on to study Business Management at HPU and she taught teens to pass the SAT exams using the College Board books and logic.

They moved to California, where he guided a local ESL college. She studied coding and became a front-end developer.

Now, facing their golden years together, they brought back his love for gourmet food and her tech skills – with their event planning success – to create Gourmet From Home.

They Both Love !

We have a Great Team!

Chef Alex Cartoon

Alex Shortsleeve

Managing Partner and Head Chef

Toni (Koni) Shortsleeve

IT and Alliance Partner Laiason

Trudi Robinson

Trudi (Kaluki) Robinson

Social Media and Friendship Specialist

Brenda Hall

Brenda Hall
and Ava

BFFs and Product Quality Specialists

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