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Extra WHITE GOLD™ Gluten-Free Flour blends began when chef Einat Mazor’s six-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease. People who suffer from celiac disease can’t tolerate gluten. Its presence in their digestive system damages their intestinal system.

Chef Mazor was determined to put her considerable professional experience to use. She dreamed of creating a diet rich in diverse flavors and textures so her daughter could continue to enjoy food just as she always had.

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, rye, spelt, durum, barley and more. When mixed with water, gluten gives dough its elasticity and structure. In the presence of yeast, gluten helps dough puff up because it traps the carbon dioxide.

Flours that are gluten-free include garbanzo flour, potato flour, white and brown rice flour, corn flour, tapioca flour, almond flour, coconut flour, sorghum flour and teff flour.

Chef Mazor is a chef instructor in leading culinary schools through-out the United States and Isreal. She is the author of six cookbooks presenting the innovative
gluten-free approach and healthy lifestyle cooking. In addition, Chef Mazor serves as a culinary consultant to EL AL airlines, hotels and restaurants. Her publications include columns in life style magazines and she is a frequent participant in radio and TV shows.

Einat Mazor graduated the Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan and has a MSc. degree in biology from Tel Aviv University.

Why We Love it!

A mother’s love created these wonderful flour blends and baking mixes.

Healthy flour that measures cup-for-cup perfectly to your recipe! That’s huge. You don’t have to convert anything, it’s easy to use, helps your baked goods taste great, and it’s good for you.

What more can you ask for? Baking Mixes that are good for you!

Brownies, chocolate cake and vanilla cake mixes. Bake delicious and healthy desserts.

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