January 2020

Sharing the Latest Dish!

This past year has brought so many great people and experiences into our lives. 

As my daughter returns home from her self-exploratory journey, she and my husband and best friend joins me in creating something Alex and I dreamed about many years ago. And I am thankful to have the opportunity to continue learning while I share these great treasures that we have found.

We have selected a few small batch manufacturers, each with a great story and an awesome product. We have reached out to our current circle of friends with these great finds, and hope they will “tell two friends, who will tell two friends…and so on…” so that we can help bring great memories to many tables in the United States.

Of course we had to sample anything that we wanted to share with our friends! 

Chef Alex showcased one of those products by creating this video.

Holiday Memories

The first thing Alex said when it was delivered: “Wow! That is one big Cheese Wheel.”

You should have seen his face when he had this first taste of Cheese Curd! Priceless!

Special thanks to Farmer Al and his wife Sarah for adding Grumpy Goat Cheese and wonderful Chocolate Covered Cashews to this gift box.

This gift basket had it all for the pantry! 

For me it held Sherry Wine Vinegar with White Truffle Oil, and Soy Sauce. 

For Alex it had Hot Sauce, Steak Sauce, Spices (we both like the spice), and Pancake mix with Maple Syrup.

Chef's Corner

Chef Alex
Chef Alex

Welcome to our first of hopefully many chat sessions involving a variety of discussions and presentations for you to enjoy. Each month I will feature some of our great products being showcased by our Alliance Partners in addition to their unique stories and why we love their food. It may include how we used it in a recipe, in combination with our other featured products as well as personal interviews so you can hear directly from our Alliance Partners.

Since this is our first edition, I thought I would share some of my background as well as why we decided to launch this site. For most of my early career, I spent more than 18 years in the foodservice industry before I started teaching in the Hospitality and Culinary fields. Today, not only do I still enjoy cooking, I also enjoy creating animated videos for training and educational purposes. In fact, all of the animated videos on our website were created by me.

As to why we decided to create Gourmet From Home; it was because it had had been a vision I had many years ago where I wanted anybody to be able to enjoy the variety of foods that the many cultures have to offer. To do this, we launched Gourmet From Home, a unique style of business where we are the broker for you personally. We seek out unique as well as, different foods and beverages and the various ingredients that create memorable edibles. These items are manufactured here in the US by small foodservice companies. Their products are featured in small markets and can be difficult to find.  Because we act as a broker, there is no markup in price for the end consumer, or as we like to call you, Friend! Our Alliance Partners will ship direct to your home, allowing you to experience their foods where before you would have had to travel many miles just to try them.

By the way, check out my new Pot Roast recipe, where I use several BLiS Gourmet ingredients to enhance this traditional meal. Looking forward to sharing more recipes, new products, and memorable stories around the table with all of you.


Recipe Cross-Over

Nordic Creamery Maple Butter with BLiS Pancake Mix and Maple Syrup

Chef Alex took advantage of his holiday gifts to use his new mini-waffle maker and Nordic Creamery Maple Syrup Butter, and combine with BLiS Pancake Mix and Maple Syrup

Delicious Holiday Brunch made with Nordic Creamery Maple Syrup Butter and BLiS Pancake Mix and Maple Syrup

To create a Super Maple Christmas Brunch!

Our First Recipe Cross-Over was delicious!

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