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Award-winning Cheesemaker and Buttermaker Al Bekkum and his family live on the Bekkum Farmstead owned and operated by their family since immigration from Norway in 1917.

The farm is located among other Norwegian settlers in Westby, Wisconsin within Vernon County’s lush, green hills and valleys known as the Coulee Region. This un-glaciated land is recognized for its fertile soil and exceptional grazing land making their cheese and butter second to none.

Bekkum family members are not only involved in daily farming but also in cheese making. We’re family owned and operated and we think you’ll love our cheese because our happy cows and goats produce some of the freshest milk in the area!

Why We Love it!

These flavoured butters are perfect for cooking and enhancing our meals.

Cheese is made from Cows, Goats and Sheep.

Our order arrived on one of the hottest days of the year, still cool and preserved in the packaging.

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Nordic Creamery’s all-natural organic butter is certified rBGH free, and is made using cow milk (except the Goat Butter) from Wisconsin cows raised on natural grasses and feeds.

Cow's Milk Cheese
Wisconsin Cheese made only with cow’s milk supplied by local Wisconsin dairy farmers.
Goat's Milk Cheese

Goat Cheese made with goat’s milk provided by local dairy farms in Wisconsin.

Goat’s Milk cheese can be easier to digest for people who may be lactose intolerant.

Mixed Milk Cheese

Cheese made with a mixture of cow and goat’s milk from Wisconsin farms for a superior texture and flavor – and less lactose than cheese made with only cow’s milk.

Sheep's Milk Cheese

Cheese made only with sheep’s milk.

Delicious Treats

Handmade Amish Candy

One pound bag package of some fabulous homemade Amish Candy.

Locally made and handcrafted fresh. 

This will definitely be some of the best candy that you have ever tasted.

Great Gift Ideas

Gift Boxes

Send a great gourmet gift box from Nordic Creamery for the holidays.

Choose from 14 gift choices with Wisconsin Butter, Cheese, Cheese Curds, Sausage and more.

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