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Every Day Mojo Tea

The Naked Botanical Every Day Mojo Tea

Best Damn Mint Tea

Formerly Known as Feel Fantastic Mint Tea

Who wants to feel Mint-tastic every day? I do. Well, if you drink The Naked Botanical’s mint tea, we can’t guarantee that you can fly but pretty close to it.

The tea contains several types of mint including spearmint, chocolate mint, pineapple mint, apple mint and lemon balm.

Wait – Apple Mint and Pineapple Mint and Chocolate Mint – Now that sounds Amazing!

Hold on. We like to be transparent.

Apple mint and pineapple mint taste like a spearmint. Chocolate mint tastes like a smooth peppermint. So, this tea doesn’t taste like a slice of apple with pineapple with a dab of chocolate. Boy, do we wish.

The names are are their common botanical names created by someone who wanted Farmer Anna to buy the mint thinking it would taste like apple and pineapple. And guess what, she did.
100 plants and 10 years later, our apple mint, pineapple mint and chocolate mint still taste like we listed above.
Even despite the realization that we weren’t producing mint that tasted like apple and pineapple, the combination of our 5 mints is just the best damn mint tea you will ever try. We are so lucky that Farmer Anna was such a sucker for those mint names.

We Renamed the Mint Tea

You know you are on to something when customers try our mint at the Farmer’s Market and they smile at you and say, “now that’s good.” Or that is the best damn mint tea we ever tried. So we renamed it. We love our customers since they provide us with such inspiration.

And guess what. We stand by that name. Our mint blend is fresh, smooth and ridiculously amazing.

Why? Because our mints are fresh off the plants so you can really taste the difference.

We even get poetic and think of our mint tea like fine wine with its different levels of taste in each note. (Just indulge us. We get a little carried away.) Sometimes you taste spearmint in a gulp or maybe it is the chocolate mint that rounds out the taste.

Whatever it is–mint makes you feel good. Our little mood booster rock star.

We think it is like an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In our case, it is drink a cuppa of Mint Tea each day keeps the doctor away!

But you knew that.


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