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The Naked Botanical Boo Boo Spray Hydrosol

Every Day Mojo Tea

Everyone needs Every Day Mojo Tea.  In fact, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t need some Mojo.

Even Austin Powers needs Mojo. So if Austin Powers were to drink our Every Day Mojo, he would say this is one groovy tea chock full of antioxidants to get him through the day.

We couldn’t agree more. It’s our little slice of pick-me-up under the sun.
(Ssh.  It will be our little secret when you are dancing down the hallways of your home. Or your boss says “what got into you?”  Or your hair turned out perfect that day.  Just sayin’.)

Mojo is chalk full of amazing herbs to keep you pumped throughout the day.  It contains organically grown and homegrown alfalfa, dandelion, ehinacea, oregano, basil, holy basil,  spearmint, and lemon verbena.


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