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Pounding Head and Tension Salve

The Naked Botanical Pounding Head and Tension Salve

Outdoor Ouchies Salve

Poison ivy and bug bites have you crawling out of your skin?  Grab this Outdoor Ouchies Salve to help soothe Mother Nature’s summer time unpleasantness. Start enjoying the outdoors again!

Outdoor Ouchies Salve is for those nasty itches that are attributable from poison ivy, rashes and bug bites.

Its main ingredient is Jewelweed, which is traditionally known as nature’s antidote to poison ivy.  Many times, it grow right beside poison ivy.

At the Naked Botanical Farm, it grows in our raspberry patch!  So it is a blessing and somewhat of a pest.

The salve also helps with bug bites. We used it for bee stings. The herbs in the salve are very soothing to the skin.

We only use fresh Jewelweed when making our Jewelweed Herbal Oil.  It loses its effectiveness when it is dried.

You can also use this salve to heal cuts and scrapes, The since the herbs in this salve are very healing as well.

2 oz. tin


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