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Our mother, Goldie, was born in Poland in 1904. She married Dad, Isidore (Izzy), in Ontario, Canada in 1933 and the following year they found their way to New York. We were born and raised in Brooklyn. Mom and Dad weren’t educated but they worked hard (in clothing factories) and gave us a very good life in a deeply loving home.

Our fondest memories of Mom and Dad are at the family dinner table – filled with stories of the old country, the history of the Rose family, lots of laughter and dreams of our future. For those special meals, we would take one of Mom’s chips, break off a piece and pass it around for everyone to share. They were the communal bonds between us and a meal wasn’t complete until everyone had a piece to enjoy.

Our chips have been a permanent bond between generations at every imaginable occasion. Like nothing else you’ve enjoyed, they become your own personal experience. The savory aroma enhances the palate – and instantly, you just know the time together is going to be filled with life-long memories. Don’t believe us? Take a freshly baked chip, break off a piece and pass it around the table (a Rose Family tradition from the very beginning). Uniquely delectable on its own or with a spread of your choosing.

The way we cook it is unique too – more well-done areas right along with the evenly baked parts to suit varying preferences and tastes in one chip! We promise the enjoyment of our chips will equal the ever-lasting happy memories borne as you were experiencing them.

Deep Heritage, Fine Food, Great Friends and Loving Family – not a bad way to pass time.

Oh, and here’s a little family secret: the leftovers at the bottom of the bag? Think breadcrumbs…Amazing!

Why We Love it!

We love the story of Goldie and Izzy! Their memories are in line with the Gourmet From Home concept.

These gourmet tortilla chips are delicious! They inspired us to buy a slow cooker just so we could make a chicken-tortilla soup with the chips. 

And I love the notes from Paula and Anna when we recieve our order.

Our tip to friends: Order one pack to try – then you will want to order the 3 pack. 

Rose Sisters Chips with Guacamole
They are also great with guacamole!

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