Rules of Conduct

We are excited to add you to our Circle of Friends!

We expect all of our friends to play nice together.
But we know it is sometimes easy to get carried away.
With that in mind, please follow these strong suggestions:

English is our spoken language. If we can’t understand it, we will need to remove it.

Personable and professional conduct and communication is expected at all times.

Friends don’t spam friends.

It’s okay to disagree, but comments should not be mean or personally disparaging. Simply state your case and move on.

Please stay on topic. If you do not see the topic you wish to comment on, you may add  one – as long as it applies to the actual Forum and the Gourmet From Home website.

Please do not solicit our friends! If you would like to become an Alliance Partner, submit your request form.

Any member who does not abide by these rules will no longer be considered a friend, and will be banned from the website and the Forum.

The Rules of Conduct may be updated as we grow and learn. You will be notified immediately by email when these updates occur.

If you have any questions about these Rules of Conduct, please contact our Friendship Specialist, Trudi Robinson through our Contact Form or by phone at (760) 529-6503.

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