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The Naked Botanical is a New Jersey herb farm that specializes in artisan herbal tea blends and salts.

Our herbs run amok on our farm, naked and free, and run the show. So to say they are wild children boisterous, sometimes too fresh and full of life would be aptly describing them.  Since we are a small farm, we collaborate with other certified organic US farmers in creating our products.

When you sip one of our teas or taste our salts, we want you to feel you are right there with us harvesting our herbs with dirt on your hands, basking in the sunshine, and watching the bees hover over our flowers.

Naked, happy and free.

Why We Love it!

Anna has a great quirky sense of  humor. You can see it when you watch her Welcome to the Farm video and follow her product suggestions.

As the chief farmer of the herbs, she gives instant responses to our questions with honest answers.

And the products are great! The teas are tasty.  I use the Lovage Himalayan Salt Blend in almost everything I cook – adds just the right flavor.

The salves and hydrosols inspired our Health & Beauty section in the Great Gift Ideas category. They  work and smell great.  

Anna’s  farm was recently certified Organic. She is slowly transitioning her products to be Certified Organic. However she needs to use up all of the pre-certified herbs in the meantime. Please note, all of The Naked Botanical sourcing partners are also Certified Organic.

For The Pantry


Anna says:

Less salt and more taste. 

Sounds like a win win!

Sprinkle. Don’t pour. 

This product is still salt.

We tell customers to add 1/4 of these salt blends as compared to what they what they ordinarily use.

Get used to the flavor and add as much as you are comfortable with.

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Anna says:

Loose Leaf:  Each tin can have 25-30 cups of tea
Tea Bags: Each container has 12 tea bags
Sampler: Each container has 5 tea bags

No can do.
We do not add artificial or natural ingredients to our teas. We let the herbs speak for themselves.
On the farm, our herbs run around naked … But you knew that.

Take one heaping teaspoon (or more to your liking. We know some of you like your tea strong.)  Add it to the reusable bag or your handy tea strainer.  Either rub the bag with your hands like you are rubbing Aladdin’s Genie’s lamp.  (We like our cartoons.)

The rub motion releases the essential oils in the herbs to give you a better cup of tea.  If you are using a tea strainer, simply rub the back of the herbs with a spoon.

Then pour boiling water over the bag and let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes.  If you forget about it, don’t fret, the tea is good cold too.  (We forget about our tea all the time, and so we are used to drinking it cold. We are busy keeping those nude herbs under control.)

You can use the tea bag more than once.  Throw the spent herbs in your food or smoothie.  They still have benefits.  Why not use them?

We know. We sound like your mother.
As you know, we are pretty hyper about the quality of our herbs. (Sometimes to a fault.)
We want you to have the freshest cup to enjoy each time.  So, please close the lid tightly to keep the air out.

Herbs, like Superman, have kryptonite.  In this case, air, heat, and light are herbs’ enemies.  Sadly, they will rob you of the enjoyment of the fantastic taste of the herbs.

They work hard to make your tea taste good.  They fight bugs, yeast, mold and whatever fury Mother Nature throws at them and keep on being awesome.

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Great Gift Ideas

Anna says:

Hydrosols are the water part of when plants or flowers are steam distilled to make essential oil.

Hydrosols are hydrating to your skin and soul.

We make all our hydrosols with fresh material and steam distilled in a cooper alchemic. 

You can watch the video of a lemon balm distillation. ==>>

In the case of the lavender, the hydrosol is made from the lavender buds freshly picked by us. 

Once we distilled the hydrosol, we stored them in air-tight glass containers and are refrigerated until sold.

We add an eco-cert preservative, Leudical Liquid SF. The preservative is 3% of the weight of the product.

As mentioned above, this product is intended for external use only.

The product comes in a glass container with a spray top.

We recommend that you refrigerate hydrosols for a longer shelf life of approximately one year.

However, it has a preservative, so you don’t have to refrigerate. Lack of refrigeration shortens its life to 6 months.

Do not touch the liquid inside the bottle. You can contaminate the hydrosol.

We ship all hydrosols in a special indestructo box and leak-proof plastic bag via USPS priority mail to reduce excess heat and cold.

With any herbal products, please, check with your physician or holistic providers before using any hydrosol especially if you are pregnant or nursing or taking medication.

The FDA has not evaluated any statement made in this description.

This product is not intended for diagnosis, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Watch the video to learn more about Hydrosols


Anna says:

Salves are one part beeswax, one part cocoa butter and one part Mother Nature’s healing herbs.

A salve is very similar to a lotion, but it is thicker and less runny.  We use various herbal oils, beeswax from a local farm, and cocoa butter.  We don’t use any essential oils or scents in our products since we found many of our customers didn’t like smells.

You will smell the cocoa butter which is the smell of chocolate, which we are slightly addicted too.  (Just a wee bit.).  So we think of our salves as part healing and part aromatherapy because chocolate makes you us happy.

In our case, without the calories.  (And yes, you can put the salve on your lips.  But we warn you-the taste can be highly addicting on your lips.)

Our salves are on the medium firm side, but once you smooth it on your skin, it will melt into your skin.  It can be on the oilier side so be aware of this if you intend to use it on your face.

We don’t add any essential oils or scents to our salves.  We learned from selling at the farmers’ markets that most people don’t like smells.  There will be a slight smell of chocolate due to the addition of cocoa butter.  We think that is a good thing especially if you love chocolate.

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